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Leo needs praise heaped upon them; words of affirmation are extremely important for this proud fire sign to feel loved. They won't settle for someone who puts them down or knocks them off their high horse. When a Leo is ready to get married, it's because they are with a partner who encourages them to always keep leveling up. A Virgo won't get married until they feel like they are in a good place with their career. To them, the decision to propose might be linked to whether or not they land a significant promotion or get the raise they are angling for.

This has to do not only with their sense of security, but with how they derive their own self-worth.

They won't feel solid within the relationship until they have met the concrete goals they have laid out for themselves. A Libra will agree to get married to the first person who proposes to them. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and harmony, Libras who want to get married make a wedding their mission in life. This approach might lead them into unions that their friends and family question, or multiple marriages within a single lifetime. Regardless of whether or not their marriage works out, the relationship will provide them with an important lesson they need to acquire in this lifetime.

A Scorpio will get married when they decide they are ready to get married, and not before.

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Even though this sign is extremely loyal, they will struggle against anything that makes them feel tied down in a relationship. They will need to feel like they are in control; if someone else proposes to Scorpio, they will probably say no.

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A Sagittarius will get married when they have found someone they can leave and return to at will. Exploration is extremely important to them, and needs to be proven over the long-term. They might need space within the relationship to experiment with other lovers or try living in different countries before they know that they can really settle down. That's because Sagittarius treats life as a learning experience; they need to know that their partner is expanding alongside of them so they don't feel inhibited in their personal growth.

A Capricorn gets married when it starts to make sense for tax purposes. They are extremely rational and grounded when it comes to love and romance.

Aquarius Horoscope - Exciting predictions revealed !

This year is very favorable for marriage prospects by date of birth. Aquarius marriage prediction says that there is a high probability of getting married for singles this year. If there is a long standing relationship, it can convert to a marriage this year. There are greater prospects for singles to get married and wedding bells will ring in their life. You will have a happy married life and your spouse will be a very good person who will share love affection and responsibilities of yours.

Aquarius love relationship predicts that this year is not very great for love and romance in your life. Either your love will be directed to marriage or it will depart from your life. The lunar eclipse which will occur twice in this year will have its impact on your love and romance relationship.

You may continue to have eclipses in your zodiac sign and with your lover zodiac sign. Handle these relations carefully. Aquarius Horoscope predicts that Rahu present in the seventh year, does not support your love life. The first of the year is no very favorable for your love and relationship life and Venus who rules the love life is not very pally with this zodiac sign.

Aquarius marriage horoscope 2020

Aquarius love life predicts that those who are already in love may experience a dilution in the relationship. You have to be extra cautious while you interact with your spouse. Aquarius man or women are very caring, cool, not selfish at all. They are in born humanitarians and love is very selfless and universal to them. They have an attractive personality and a visionary by birth.

They are very candid, witty and friendly. They are very faithful and supportive independent partners. The year looks moderate for the natives of moon sign Aquarius as per Aquarius Horoscope You may get better results in your married life and love affairs. Saturn would enter in Capricorn sign in 12th house of your horoscope on January At the commencement of the year, Rahu would be in the 5th house in Gemini sign and later on, it would enter in Taurus sign in 4th house on September Jupiter enters in Capricorn sign in 12th house on March It would transit back in Sagittarius on June 30 after becoming retrograde and again would enter in Capricorn sign in the 12th house after becoming direct.

Results for Combust Venus will be affecting during the period from May 29 to June Detailed predictions for Aquarius Horoscope are given herewith:. Economic life of Aquarians in the year seems to be moderate. Income may fluctuate or you may not have regular income due to the placement of Saturn in your 12th house, the house of expenditure and also it is aspecting to your second house of wealth. There are high chances of sudden expenditures which would drive you towards stress with regards to your financial situation. Despite the fact, you would be able to save your money and will accumulate a fine share of wealth.

Consider all the aspects and remain attentive while taking any decision related to money. If starting your own business venture is the dream you are following, properly analyse the pros and cons of your business idea, prior to taking an action. You should not hesitate to take help from others. Avoid investing in speculations as Rahu is posited in your fifth house till the month of September. You may suffer a loss. You need to take care of your health this year. Stomach related problems must not be ignored.

You should not act careless and consult a doctor about matters related to your health. Once Saturn and Rahu transit in your 12th and 4th house respectively, it would give rise to mental stress. It would help you maintain good health. You should refrain from oily and fried food items as you may become overweight and initiate your journey towards obesity during this year. Year looks average for your career.

Although you may have a good inflow of income due to the position of Jupiter in your 11th house, making you capable of coping up with adverse situation. Saturn would remain in your 12th house most of the year.

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Good aspect of Jupiter on your 7th house indicates good legal or business partnership this year. It is recommended not to involve your family members in your professional life or work. Your luck will favour you most of the year. You may recover your losses if any occurs. You may gain through foreign connections if you are connected to or associated with foreign land or companies.

If you are running your own business, you need to avoid taking risky decisions.

If you are thinking of new business opportunity, take the advice of experts or people who are connected with or have some experience in that particular field. You may suffer a loss or may lose your job. There's also a possibility of you getting transferred from your existing place. You may also go abroad this year for work or business matters.